Get to know Google Workspace

10 ways to work better with G Suite

Here’s how to make Google’s apps get down to business.

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Even though some companies are hesitant to adopt G Suite, such cloud-based tools are on the rise in the workplace. Google estimates that 4 million businesses now use its productivity suite. If your company is one, we’ve got some ideas on how you and your colleagues can get the most out of the apps.

The key to making G Suite work for your office is to simplify and automate workflow for employees, says Akshay Mahajan, vice president of product management for EMS Software.

“[Users] won’t accept G Suite if it’s not comfortable or convenient for them,” he says. His advice: “Conquer the areas that affect the user most frequently, simplifying day-to-day tasks and eliminating frustrations.”

With that in mind, here are some tips for wrangling G Suite and getting some work done.

Restore a document/undo a mistake

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