Some things are better left unexplained

IT pilot fish at a large organization is supporting a server-based application -- one that keeps falling over.

"We started experiencing issues with communication between devices and server," says fish. "The application would just stop. The fix was to restart a stopped service on the server.

"The issue was soon occurring daily, and the vendor was contacted. Vendor support could find no issues and had no other customers experiencing the issue, but they kept looking.

"Finally our management strongly suggested that the vendor's senior management fly onsite to discuss the issue, the intent being to let them know we were not happy and expected them to do everything in their power to expedite and resolve it -- or else.

"Turns out our network staff had developed a way to tell if the server was running by sending a request to the server. The request was sent to the same port that the application used to communicate to the devices. So when the request went to the server to see if the server was running, the application lost communication with the devices and shut down.

"I never found out how this was explained to the vendor."

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