The wireless road warrior’s essential guide

You can leave your cables at home and still be able to charge your phone, get online, print and more.

wireless traffic stream speeding down the street.

Over the past several years, wireless technology has improved so much that slowly, trip by trip, I’ve come to rely on it more and more to get my job done on the road. It’s convenient, and it lets me leave behind the jumble of cables I used to need.

I spend about 20% of my work life on the road, and I’ve learned a few tricks. In fact, nowadays I can charge my phone, print documents, get online, project a slideshow and collaborate with a shared online connection without a cable in sight. Here are some tips so you can cut the cord as well.

Charging up

My greatest anxiety when I travel on business is that my gear will go dead before the working day is done. But lately, new charging opportunities have been cropping up, such as USB power plugs at airports and on planes, hotel rooms and even street kiosks.

More and more, though, we’re getting completely wireless options.

And I do like doing things wirelessly. At work, I have a Qi wireless charging stand on my desk. It works by sending a wireless magnetic field up through the back of my phone, inducing an electrical current to flow inside the device and charge its battery. The best part is that there’s nothing to adjust or turn on. Just place the phone on the charging plate, face up, and power automatically flows into its batteries.

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