No Parking Zone

This city's IT department has hired a contractor to help out on the help desk for a few months, and that's surfacing some longstanding problems, reports a pilot fish on the inside.

"The contractor is backfilling for a help desk technician," fish says. "He will be here for two to six months. HR wants to give him a Visitor badge instead of a real ID.

"HR and the parking manager also want him to park in visitor parking and pull a ticket that IT has to validate every day -- twice if he leaves for lunch."

IT management points out that this is silly and there must be a better way than adding extra time (and cost) to the contractor's work day to get parking validation.

After a seemingly endless exchange of emails, the parking manager finally agrees to issue a card key the contractor can use for visitor parking.

But that doesn't completely solve the problem. To generate some revenue, the city has rented out parking space in the visitor lot to a theater, which means the lot is often so full of theater patrons that there's no place to park for city hall visitors -- or the contractor.

On one of those days, the contractor can't find a parking spot. But he follows another car through the gate into the lower parking level that's restricted to city employees, and parks in a convenient open space so he can get to work on time.

"Turns out the space he parked in is reserved for the Director of Administrative Services -- the head of HR -- who has been copied on many of these emails," says fish. "The contractor dutifully moves his car and gets his parking key card the same morning.

"I wonder if the two are connected..."

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