Throwback Thursday: Oops!

This company has just completed its project to build a dedicated secure server room -- and it's really something, reports an IT pilot fish who's getting the grand-opening tour.

"The construction was led by the building maintenance manager and an IT manager," fish says. "We were shown the raised floor in case of a flood, and the fireproof and reinforced door with a electronic security key that could keep track of individuals entering the room -- and, of course, keep intruders out, as the door had a heavy-duty bolt lock."

Fish is impressed, right up until the end of the tour. That's when the door closes as the tour group leaves, and fish turns back for one last look.

And notices that the hinge pins of the door are on the outside.

So even though it's made of steel and equipped with a heavy-duty bolt and even heavier-duty electronic gadgetry, the door isn't exactly secure.

"All you needed to get in was a flat-head screwdriver," says fish. "Take out the hinge pins and the door would simply fall out.

"Once I pointed out this small design flaw, the two project leads looked for an answer, but silence filled the hallway.

"The next week, a contractor was brought in to correct the problem."

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