Siyata Mobile push-to-talk enters wireless marketplace

Push-to-talk is coming back for FirstNet and the business community. Siyata Mobile is bringing PTT wireless phones and tablets back, but this time it’s an Android, it uses a digital wireless network, it’s 4G and its LTE.

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Push-to-talk wireless services are coming back, thanks to a company you may not have heard of yet. Siyata Mobile is a small company with big plans in the space. They have updated the PTT technology and there is both a business customer base that is screaming for this service and there is FirstNet being built out by AT&T. I think these are two slices of the pie they will focus on initially.

Siyata Mobile should introduce their PTT tablets, phones and services in the United States this year. They are already offering this in other countries. They use digital cellular networks instead of analog cellular or radio signals. They have the same capabilities as cellphones and smartphones, plus they offer PTT services as well.

With the push of a PTT button, you can talk with one employee or up to 250 others in your company or other companies that also use this technology. These commercial devices use GPS and navigation and should be popular among first responders as well.

FirstNet, the first responder network being developed by AT&T

In fact, FirstNet, which AT&T is building, is one great example of how Siyata Mobile should enter the U.S. marketplace. Remember the terrible communications chaos of 911 which left first responders out in the cold when what they really needed was the ability to quickly communicate?

That created a need and that’s what FirstNet is all about. AT&T won the contract and is just starting the process of building this nationwide emergency network that all first responders can use.

FirstNet is the kind of products and services that Siyata Mobile provides. They offer handsets, tablets and services partnering with wireless networks in the countries they enter. That means they are very likely testing right now with one or more wireless networks in the USA like AT&T Mobility, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile or Sprint.

Beyond FirstNet there are other growth opportunities for the company. The business community loves PTT and was very sorry to see it almost disappear years ago. There are PTT services being offered by some top wireless networks in the USA. However, there is still a big opportunity for a company that can really dig in deep.

My understanding is CEO’s of various trucking and service-oriented companies have talked with Marc Seelenfreund and expressed their need for this service. That’s what gave him the idea to make Siyata Mobile a reality and bring this advanced version of PTT back again. Seelenfreund is CEO of Siyata Mobile.

However, this new version is much more advanced than the old PTT we used to have years ago. These commercial products may not replace the iPhone or Android for the consumer marketplace, but for the business space, it may be just what the doctor ordered.

Siyata Mobile is next-generation Android PTT 4G LTE phones and tablets

Siyata Mobile PTT products are Android based. They are 4G LTE devices. That means their phones and tablets are very familiar and easy to use. This also means the user has access to every app and feature of any Android based phone or tablet. This is very valuable to every user and to every company.

These are not consumer devices. They are business devices. They help businesses communicate with employees and drivers more effectively and efficiently. These are also perfect for emergency workers like fire and police in the FirstNet buildout. This is also good for the B2B and M2M marketplace.

That’s why I think the growth opportunity is there for Siyata Mobile if they can successfully capture the first mover advantage. There will be others that will likely jump into this space.

Don’t be confused comparing old Push-to-Talk, to this new and advanced PTT. These next generation devices and services using Android are so advanced, comparing them to the old PTT is like comparing a 2018 Lexus to an old Ford Model T. This new version is like comparing an iPhone or Android to the Blackberry. It’s much more advanced.

I expect we will start to hear more about Siyata Mobile in coming quarters after their tests in the US marketplace are complete and when they are ready to launch here. So, welcome back to the wonderful world of advanced PTT. You’ve been missed.

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