Those military guys always get the hot technology!

This IT pilot fish is working for a defense contractor in the 1980s, but the gig isn't exactly a shiny job in a gleaming glass-and-steel environment.

"This was a classified project, so we were in a hanger away from the nice buildings," says fish.

"One Monday morning I arrived at work at my usual 0600 hours -- a time when you can get a lot of work done with no one to disturb you. I proceeded to a secure computer room, which was completely shielded -- metal lined the all walls and door, no windows -- and contained several military minicomputers, tape drives, printers and terminals.

"As I was unlocking the door, I could hear a faint beeping. I opened the door and a torrent of hot air rushed out. The beeping was a loud chorus of overheat alarms.

"Turns out a thunderstorm on Friday night had taken out the power for a few minutes. When the power came back on, the air conditioning did not.

"As I was powering down the equipment, the tables and chairs in the room were too hot to touch.

"But once the AC got turned on, the room cooled. All the equipment was turned back on, and all was well."

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