Research: Does Asia lead in global blockchain implementation?

New research based on feedback from 7,381 global IT leaders looks at who is actually implementing blockchain technology

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Over the last 18 months the hype around blockchain has steadily ramped up. The first wave of questions stemmed from bafflement. Now, in the second wave, organisations are mostly interested in use cases—especially outside of finance.

Well, during the spring I spent some time researching round the web to see if I could get a clear answer. The Coindesk State of Blockchain—which is produced quarterly—provides, by far and away, the best information out there. However, it is long and involved and certainly doesn’t present a digestible snapshot. So, over the summer, we decided to conduct our own research.

What did we ask?

We just asked one simple question: “Is your organisation considering implementing blockchain technology?”

We divided the drop down answers into two nuanced “no” options, two “yes” options and one “maybe” option.

Who did we survey?

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