Can public bitcoin mining be a revenue stream?

Major high-traffic sites are already secretly mining cryptocurrency. But is this a viable revenue stream?

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Cryptocurrency mining has become the focus in the blockchain community after several high traffic sites were caught mining bitcoins with a user’s computer.

Latest reports have already revealed that there around 500 million computers unknowingly mining cryptocurrencies.

“Research by ad blocking firm AdGuard found 220 popular websites with an aggregated audience of half a billion people use so-called cryptomining scripts when a user opens their main page,” a recent article by Newsweek revealed.

Africa has not been left out. Memeburn, a tech news site, Business Daily Africa, an online business publication, and entertainment site Nairobi Wire have all been caught hosting cryptomining scripts. Memeburn however denied that the company placed the mining script intentionally.

CoinHive, a notorious script placed on high trafficked sites can easily initiate Bitcoin mining on a user’s computer, taking away the compute power from the user. CoinHive, which was launched in September this year, has already taken the industry by storm and web users are now worried.

There are several plugins from Chrome and Firefox that allow users to block cryptocurrency mining on their PC. However, could legitimised public cryptocurrency mining be a source of revenue for businesses?

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