Wireless is center of CES 2018 universe

A look at how wireless, apps and wireless data are an important element of the innovation wave at CES 2018.

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Wireless plays an incredibly important role in the products and services that make up this year’s CES 2018 in Las Vegas. Things change quickly. A decade ago you didn’t see many wireless carriers, handset makers or wireless data services at the show. However, over the years, as wireless data has continued to speed up and expand, most products and services use wireless and that’s a very big story this year.

Think about it. Of course, wireless is still that service which your iPhone, Android or tablet link up to. However, wireless data services are also rapidly growing in more directions than you realize. They are starting to empower countless other industries, products and services.

Automotive, self-driving and wireless

Ten years ago, automotive was not a big deal at the CES show. This year it seems countless car makers are showing off their new technology that blows drivers away, and it’s all connected wirelessly. Today, cars offer Wi-Fi connectivity to passengers.

They have screens on the dashboard and in the back seat that let riders surf the web, send email and text messages, use social networks, watch movies and TV, navigation services, Apple iPhone and Google Android services and more.

Cars also update themselves while you are driving. The wireless connection lets the automobile download and install its own updates on a regular basis. That means you don’t have to trade in your car to get the newest technology.

Self-driving is also an important growth area in automotive. Wireless empowers this new technology as well. And I expect to see the automotive industry to continue on this rapid pace of change.

Healthcare, saving lives and wireless

Healthcare is another important industry that is using wireless to reach more patients, more quickly, saving lives. Many healthcare plans now include video conferencing tools so you can talk live with doctors on your computer screen, avoiding costly and time-consuming visits or ER trips.

This new technology let’s patients and their doctors track vital statistics. They are sent wirelessly to their doctor to make sure they stay on track with their heart condition, diabetes number and so much more.

In fact, walk into any hospital or doctor’s office and you are more likely to see them carrying a tablet and using a computer screen to enter information and get answers to better help patients. The advancements in this sector have been amazing and transformative in the last several years. The medical and healthcare industry is totally embracing wireless and technology to save lives and keep us healthier.

Wireless data services create new business opportunities

Think of how wireless data services have opened up an entirely new marketplace of ideas and innovation. Uber and Lyft are two great examples of companies that could not even exist in their present form without wireless data and smartphones. Ever order a pizza from Dominos using their app?

And there are countless others as well. Nearly every company has an app or should. Millions of apps are available to users and that number continues to grow. Remember a decade ago when an app only meant a wireless game? Today, the app universe continues to grow rapidly and transform industry after industry like Uber and Lyft transformed the Taxi and Limousine industry.

As we move to 5G, wireless data continues to get faster it will continue to deliver more in the next few years. Today, we can watch movies and clips on our smartphones and tablets over the wireless networks. What will we be able to do tomorrow?

Wireless TV using mobile to take Pay TV to next level

In fact, today AT&T delivers DirecTV NOW and wireless TV or mobile TV over their AT&T Mobility network. That’s incredible. That means you can watch TV on your smartphone or tablet, anywhere in the USA. Their success has created a storm in the pay TV industry that other players are rushing to join.

Verizon said they see this success and are rushing to deliver their own advanced wireless TV to their users as well. In fact, expect to see this next innovation wave continue to sweep across the industry.

Wireless is even attracting other industries like cable TV companies Comcast Xfinity Mobile and Charter Spectrum. Comcast is already a wireless provider and Charter will join later this year. Given that move, I also expect to see Altice and Cox join the wireless party soon. Competition always moves the needle.

This year there is so much excitement at the CES 2018 which is bigger than ever. Thousands of companies and products all screaming for attention. And wireless plays a very important role in rapidly growing and changing consumer electronics and business electronics space.

Wireless is the backbone to the incredible growth engine for companies and products at this year’s show. So, as much attention as the amazing technologies showcase this week, just remember, most of them use wireless, apps and wireless data and that is one of the biggest stories of CES 2018.


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