Must've been one heck of a Christmas party

It's December, and this IT department ships new servers to all the company's field offices as part of a project to upgrade and standardize the entire infrastructure. "One field office actually has two locations," says a pilot fish in the know. "The servers for both were shipped to the main office at their request."

But just after that, the big upgrade is put on hold. There's a network problem. Then, with one thing and another, it's two months before IT is ready to install the new servers.

Meanwhile, that two-location field office moves to a new location in early January. But when techs arrive to install the servers in late February, the machines are nowhere to be found.

"No one in the office can find either one," fish says. "Frantic phone calls ensue between the techs, their bosses, the local managers, the moving company and the landlord of the old office location.

"After four hours of increasingly nervous waiting and increasing recriminations between home office and field office management, the servers are finally located -- still boxed, and sitting in the kitchen of the old office.

"The old, unsecured, unlocked office.

"It's bad enough that someone left $20,000 worth of new equipment sitting in an unsecured office that basically anyone could have walked into.

"What I really can't figure out, though, is how you can vacate an office, move everything else out, do a walk-through with the landlord and still miss two boxes the combined size of a Volkswagen sitting in the middle of the office kitchen."

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