A Christmas carol

Administration department -- it's in charge of this company's cube farm -- gets several complaints after Halloween about employees who went overboard with skeletons, spider webs and suchlike all over their cubicles, reports an IT pilot fish on the scene.

So Administration boss Marley emails a warning to all: Don't get carried away decorating your cubes for Christmas.

Office jokester Bob sends a reply back to Marley, who's known for his good sense of humor: "I guess my nude nativity scene is out of the question?"

But instead of sending the joke just to Marley, jokester Bob accidentally hits "reply all" -- and shares it with everyone.

Which makes for an entertaining afternoon for everyone in the office, fish says. "You could tell as soon as someone opened the email -- there would be laughter coming from their cube!"

Fortunately, humor-impaired CEO Scrooge isn't in the office.

And even more fortunately for jokester Bob, he's able to convince the CEO's assistant to go into Scrooge's email -- and delete the message before he can see it.

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