Throwback Thursday: Sometimes your best shot isn't enough

This company leases heavy equipment, and that means it has repair facilities spread out across the U.S., reports a pilot fish whose job is to help keep the remote sites connected with HQ.

"One remote location is in southern Georgia, and for a while every Monday we would place a call to AT&T because they were offline," fish says. "The following is what we finally sent to the repair shop manager."

I am responding to your inquiry on the data line. I too did not get a call from AT&T today, which is unusual. I will be following up with them on that issue.

As to your question, how long will you be up? You know the answer as well as I do: until the next time it goes down.

I'm not trying to be glib but, as was related to both of us by the local telco technician, your problem stems from the fact that the phone wires to your facility seem to be a resting place for doves, and the local hunters like to shoot the doves while they are resting on the wire.

Over time, this has caused degradation of your service and reduced the number of available phone lines running to your shop.

There isn't a lot that I or AT&T can do about that. The final solution would be to get the local telco to run new lines underground. I'm sure they would want us to pay for that, which I'm equally sure we wouldn't.

Eventually they will have to run new lines to you to maintain service for phone and data. Unfortunately we don't really have any leverage to force the issue.

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