7 tools to supplement (or supplant) PowerPoint

Looking for a PowerPoint alternative? When it comes to business presentations, it has become a lot easier to wander from the Microsoft Office suite.

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It can be a challenge to create presentations that are relevant and engaging and make your customer want to say, “Yes, yes, yes!”

For years, Microsoft PowerPoint has been the go-to presentation tool — even though PowerPoint presentations can be tedious, with text of all one size and bullet points listed smack in the center of the screen. The tool has evolved, in an attempt to ditch its dull reputation, but as it has become more feature-rich, with more design templates and collaborative features, it has been rendered less intuitive. While it’s fair to say you can wow your audience with a PowerPoint presentation today, for most people the learning curve is steep enough to make them reluctantly stick with the basics.

But a boring business presentation isn’t going to win you business, and a rigid, non-interactive structure often fails to provide the kind of detailed information conducive to decision-making.

There are alternatives. Here’s a quick rundown on seven tools that just might have what it takes to replace PowerPoint as your primary presentation tool. These snapshots should help you decide which ones are best worth a trial run in your organization. They all offer great design template options with collaborative features, some more comprehensive than others, at reasonable price points.

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