C'mon, who'd stick around here that long?

This pilot fish's parents have been getting their Internet and email service from a small regional ISP since the dial-up days of the mid-1990s.

"The ISP grew to serve educational and commercial accounts throughout the region," says fish. "Email evolved with DSL and cable and SMTP Authentication.

"But the ISP's support group was always helpful -- though it may have helped that Dad has been shoving bits through long wires since the 1950s and understands technology.

"Came 2017 and the email just quit. The ISP's status page showed no troubles, and the support group was quite puzzled. This went on for many days. There had been a server upgrade, but it was not the first, and the upgrade was problem free.

"Turns out that the configuration backups, and pre-upgrade snapshots, were dropping accounts that were more than 20 years old.

"Hey, 20 years is forever in internet time. Prehistoric!

"It took a while, but the ISP eventually found some old data and restored the mailboxes."

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