41 cool and useful IFTTT applets

Want to automatically save articles you’ve liked on Twitter to Pocket? There’s an IFTTT applet for that – and for a lot of other things, too.

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James A. Martin

Applets for All

The name is clunky: "If This, Then That." The acronym, IFTTT, is awkward to say – “ift,” as in “shift” without the “sh.” But who are we to complain about a free service that connects otherwise unconnected services to automate our chores?

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Want to automatically save articles you’ve liked on Twitter to Pocket? There’s an IFTTT applet for that. In fact, there are millions of IFTTT applets (also known as recipes) in existence. And if you don’t see one you want, just roll your own. As long as the service, such as Gmail, Evernote, Dropbox, or Slack, supports IFTTT applets, you’re good to go.

Here are 41 ready-made IFTTT applets to get you started.

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James A. Martin

Sync new Dropbox files to Google Drive and Slack

IFTTT excels at automatically copying files from one service to another. With this applet, any new file added to a Dropbox subfolder will automatically be duplicated in a Google Drive folder. By default, that Google Drive folder is named "Dropbox," but you can change the name in the applet. Unfortunately, the applet won’t duplicate files added to a subfolder within your Dropbox subfolder. Also, you might not want sensitive files stored in two public cloud services.

But if you’re cool with all of that, and you want an extra layer of effortless backup for important files, you’ll appreciate this applet. Another applet does the Dropbox > Google Drive thing and also posts the file to Slack.

slide3 siri to trello
James A. Martin

Dictate notes to Trello

You’re on the treadmill or driving. Boom! Inspiration strikes. You need to record it, hands-free, STAT! Plus, your work life is spent in Trello. With this Siri to Trello applet, you can dictate a reminder via Apple’s voice assistant (by telling Siri to “add a reminder”). Share your epiphany with Siri and it will automatically be added as a card to a list that by default is named Siri Notes, which in turn is added to your designated Trello board.

slide4 smartphone pics to cloud
James A. Martin

Back up smartphone photos to the cloud

There are plenty of ways to automatically back up your smartphone’s pictures –  Apple’s iCloud and Google Photos, for starters. But you might want your images copied to a Box, OneDrive, Dropbox, or Google Drive account instead, either as a second backup or to have them automatically synced to a specific folder. IFTTT applets will upload all new iOS photos and Android pictures to OneDrive; send new iPhone/iPad or Android images to Box; copy iPhone screenshots and Android photos to Dropbox; and duplicate iOS photos on Google Drive.

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James A. Martin

Get automatic updates about new applets

No shocker here: There are lots of IFTTT applets that will automatically alert you when a new IFTTT applet of potential interest is published. For example, if you’re a Google Assistant fan, this applet will send you a notification whenever a new IFTTT Assistant applet goes live. You can receive news about recommended applets via email every day. Or get an email whenever a new applet is published from a favorite service, such as Dropbox.

Browse similar applets on this IFTTT applet web page.

slide6 liked tweets to google spreadsheet
James A. Martin

Save liked tweets to a Google spreadsheet

Several months ago, you liked a tweet that linked to a useful article you read. But now you’re palming your forehead, trying to remember where the article was posted. You can prevent this from happening again thanks to an applet that automatically adds your liked tweets to a Google spreadsheet. It’s a convenient way to save the information in tweets you might want to reference later.

By default, the spreadsheet entry will include the tweet’s date; the Twitter account name that posted it; the tweet’s content; plus shortened and regular links to the tweet.

slide7 back up android text
James A. Martin

Back up Android texts to the cloud

Most SMS messages are wildly unimportant in the grand scheme of things (especially those containing poo emojis). But if you send and receive work-related messages, you might want to back them up and make them accessible from a cloud service for future reference.

For Android users, applets let you back up new texts to a Google spreadsheet; archive sent texts to Google Drive; and back up all SMS messages to Google Drive. Unfortunately, there aren’t any IFTTT applets for backing up iPhone messages to non-Apple cloud services like Google Drive.

slide8 turn up or mute android phone volume
James A. Martin

Turn up or mute your Android phone’s volume

Does your Android smartphone sit on your bedside table at night, ringer off? And then you forget to turn the ringer back on in the morning? And then your boss goes to voicemail? Can you say, ‘D’oh!’? Stop the career-limiting madness by automatically unmuting your Android phone’s ringer every morning at a specified time (and at a particular ringer volume, like 80%). Other applets automatically raise your Android phone’s ringer when you leave the office or set your ringer to high after you’ve missed a call.

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James A. Martin

Automatically save money

The Qapital app makes it way easier to save money by automatically rounding up debit and credit card purchase amounts, transferring the dollars to an FDIC-insured Qapital account, and counting the money toward your goals, such as saving for a trip to Europe. You can pad your Qapital account even faster with IFTTT applets that save money every time you like a YouTube video, read an article stored on Pocket, or complete your daily Fitbit step goal, among others. And if you really want to save money fast, activate the ‘save towards a goal whenever Donald Trump tweets’ applet.

slide10 new notes in evernote
James A. Martin

Quickly create new notes in Evernote

Evernote’s app lets you dictate new notes on your device. IFTTT applets make dictating those notes faster via Siri and iOS Reminders and Google Assistant. But both applets require some initial setup. And with each you’ll have to remember the relevant voice prompts: “Hey Siri, add Evernote reminder” or “Hey Google, send to Evernote” (or another prompt of your choice).

Other cool Evernote applets help you track new GitHub issues or save MailChimp campaign summaries and share them to a Slack channel.

slide11 twitter to pocket
James A. Martin

Like it on Twitter now, read it on Pocket later

Pocket is a terrific app that squirrels away online articles and videos for you to consume later. With this applet, all you have to do is "like" a tweet to automatically send the tweet’s linked content (such as an article) to Pocket. It’s a great way to stash cool stuff to read on your tablet after work.

On the flip side, another cool Pocket applet lets you tweet something you’ve favorited in Pocket.

slide12 pocket to slack
James A. Martin

Share favorite articles from Pocket on Slack

No doubt, some of that after-hours reading you do via Pocket is work-related. To quickly share an article saved to Pocket with your team on Slack, just add the tag ‘slack’ to the article in Pocket, and this IFTTT applet does the rest. You can change the default tag to something else in the applet, as well as preset the designated Slack channel or direct message destination.

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James A. Martin

Automate GitHub tasks

Busy developers need all the help they can get, and IFTTT has plenty of applets that link GitHub with other cloud services to automate little tasks. You can automatically post GitHub issues to Slack; use Evernote to track new issues assigned to you on GitHub; receive a phone call when a new GitHub issue is assigned to you; and tons more.

Bad news: You’re fresh out of excuses for missing a GitHub issue.

slide14 hacker news
James A. Martin

Get updates about jobs on Hacker News

Despite looking like a website untouched since 1995, the text-heavy Hacker News site (from Y Combinator) has plenty of fans. Plus, it’s a good place to cruise for jobs. IFTTT applets will send you a weekly email with new job postings and let you compile a Google spreadsheet of all the jobs posted. You can also automatically post a message to Slack if your company is mentioned in a top Hacker News story.

slide15 tech shopping
James A. Martin

Automate your tech shopping

Gadgets are your drug. Best Buy and eBay are your favorite hookups. That makes IFTTT an enabler of your addiction, especially if you use applets to receive a daily email digest of new products in a particular category on Best Buy or eBay listings that match a search. Never miss a deal, you IFTTT nerd!

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