Throwback Thursday: Circular filing

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This company's email system has a 200 MB limit for mailboxes -- but not for the "deleted items" folder, says a pilot fish tasked with saving space on the system.

"More than one person had set up elaborately nested folders in their deleted items where they happily had 5 or 6 GB of mail," fish says.

"They had heart attacks when we said we were going to automatically dump anything in there more than two weeks old. We had meetings, conference calls and anguished emails all waiting for us the next day.

"In the end, we had to give classes in how to set up actual archiving, and then had to manually move their data for them before we could finally empty the trash.

"It took weeks -- weeks while almost every day their e-mail system would run out of space again and start rejecting in-bound mail."

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