These are the iPhone X tips Apple wants you to know

Along with extensive product descriptions, Apple is publishing a range of articles, support notes and video to help new iPhone X users learn how to get the most from their brand-new device.

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Along with extensive product descriptions, Apple is publishing a range of articles, support notes and video to help new iPhone X users get the most from their brand-new device.

A new generation

With an eye on the next 10 years of smartphone evolution, Apple is adopting a new approach with the launch of the new device.

This extends beyond seeding a few vbloggers with demo units or using quotes within iPhone X marketing — the company is also working to make sure new users can access the best possible advice to help them make use of the product.

Take a look at this four-minute iPhone X guided tour, for example, which quite clearly explains that Face ID does not require you to hold your phone directly in front of your space. You’ll also learn how to handle the new gestures (as you will here) and how to use Animoji and Portrait Lighting.

Get familiar with iPhone X user interface

The loss of the Home button is one key reason the company is taking such pains to explain how its new device works.

Apple knows its Home button UI paradigm pretty much defined the entire smartphone industry (which is why everyone else has an equivalent), so it knows it must work to help its customers make the transition. One good way to achieve this is to help the broader public (not just new iPhone owners) to understand the new UI.

If you want to find out more, this report is one of Apple’s best attempts to demystify its new Face ID technology. It explains almost everything about how the tech works, including reassurance that the company is not gathering a global database of people's faces.

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Anecdotally, most people I have spoken with have found the transition much simpler than they expected, but a little familiarity has to help.

Apple has also published a range of tech support articles to help you both understand Face ID and to resolve any problems with the tech.

Examples include:

Apple’s tips

Apple puts its Tips app on every iOS device. This now offers eight iPhone X tips that explain some of the new ways things work on the new smartphone.

  • Turn off iPhone X
  • Face ID
  • Say it with Animoji
  • Tap to wake
  • On your way with Apple Pay
  • Multitasking
  • Go straight home
  • Ask Siri

These tips (along with tips for iOS 11) are available within the app. You can also see them using a Web browser here.

Apple has also published the latest edition of its iPhone User Guide for iOS 11.1. This extensive document is available for free from the iBooks store.

Why does it matter?

Apple doesn’t just want to sell phones; it wants to sell the best phones. So, it really needs to work hard to get the message over as to how advanced its solutions are.

Initial sales data suggests this is working.

The latest Localytics data suggests huge interest in Appe’s new iPhone range this season, though perhaps not as high as that which greeted the release of iPhone 6 in 2014. (Though that is likely in part attributable to price.)

Meanwhile, additional data supplied to me by SEMRush suggests that search volume for the new iPhone 8 and X devices utterly eclipsed that generated by the release of the Pixel 2XL. And while the iPhone 8 failed to match the interest suggested by activity for iPhone 7 and 6, it did exceed that which greeted the iPhone 6s.

These data points add a certain amount of substance to Slice Intelligence’s claim that iPhone X is the largest single product launch in Apple’s history. “In the first four days of orders, the iPhone X sold 25 percent more units than the previous record holder, the iPhone 6,” Slice said.

iPhone X purchasers are also being offered free 30-minute online training sessions, during which an Apple specialist will explain how to use the device.

Two tips Apple hasn’t told us about:

You can get a huge amount of battery life by switching your device to dark mode and inverting colors in grayscale, and you can use the new Animoji system to take part in sublimely silly Animoji Karaoke sessions.

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