Throwback Thursday: Paging Dr. Frankenstein

This pilot fish works at a bank, and he's not surprised to see his boss, the IT manager, show up one day for the monthly management meeting. But as soon as the meeting is over, the chief lending officer asks fish's boss for help because his laptop won't power up.

"My boss tries everything he can think of to get it to power up, but it won't," says fish. "He checks all the cables to make sure they're plugged in, and they are.

"He's then told by the CLO that he has to get this thing working ASAP because the CLO needs a file off it printed so he can take it to a meeting with a customer in 30 minutes."

That's when the boss finds fish and tells him to pull the CPU from another user's identical laptop, and bring it to him so he can transplant it into the CLO's machine.

Surprised fish doesn't want to tell his boss no, but first he calls the CLO to find out where that urgent file is. "He says it's in his 'My Documents' folder, which we redirect to a file server," fish says. "From my desk, I search his user directory for the file, open and print it and then take the document to the CLO's office."

There fish finds his boss, screwdriver in hand, and the laptop ready to be dismantled on a small table off to the side.

Fish looks at the power supply under the CLO's desk. It's plugged into a surge protector -- which is switched off.

He switches it on and suggests his boss try reconnecting the laptop.

And now -- it's alive!

"When the CLO came in that morning, he powered on his laptop, logged onto the network and did several things prior to the management meeting," sighs fish. "Since the surge protector was shut off and he had been running on battery power during the three-hour management meeting, his battery went dead.

"After the meeting, when trying to power it back on, there wasn't any power to the laptop and my boss never followed the power cable back to the surge protector."

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