Tech Talk: The technology that scares us

Halloween may be over, but the frights remain. Whether it's from the loss of privacy from Alexa or Google Home, fake news on social media or A.I. the future could be a tech dystopia.

The scary thing about technology is that every day can be Halloween when it comes to what worries us in thids hyperpast digital age.

Whether it's the flippant fear that your shiny new device might never show up, more realistic worries that Alexa or Google Home or even Apple's Siri might be listening in  (and recording) your every word, or the spread of fake news on social media, these are trying times.

That's what our panel of tech experts – Network World's Brandon Butler, CSO's Steve Ragan, Macworld's Michael Simon and Computerworld Executive Editor Ken Mingis – concluded after surveying the digital landscape. At least one of them – you have to watch to find out who – would be more than happy to turn the clock back to the pre-Internet days of the early 1990s.

If that all sounds a bit dystopian, well, it is. But there's hope that A.I. might one day do more good than harm by helping us lead healthier lives without morphing unexpectedly into SkyNet.


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