Oh, so you've met our mascots!

It's the mid-1980s, and this pilot fish's job calls for him to travel to customer sites, doing software fixes and updates for a distribution system.

"I would be sent all around the New York/New Jersey area," says fish. "This was well before dress-down days, and so wearing a suit and tie was a must.

"This one client was in Port Newark, N.J. I would get a temporary desk to work from, and the computer system was in a small room in the warehouse.

"One morning I had to go to the system to load a tape. I walked into the dimly lit computer room, slipped on something on the floor and fell into a desk chair.

"One of the guys outside the door said, 'Sorry, forgot to tell you -- we sprayed the room to kill cockroaches over the weekend.' They were big enough to slip on and there were plenty of them on the floor.

"The manager bought me a cup of coffee, and I paid to get my suit cleaned."

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