Throwback Thursday: Whose idea was this, anyway?

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This pilot fish is in charge of computing facility operations, and he takes security seriously.

"As part of trying to do the 'right' thing, I instituted some policies, such as regular password changes, regular checks and purges of our password files, group files and user database," says fish.

But he knows that, for some people, that's not enough. So fish and his team decide to post a list of the worst password policy violators -- who's using old passwords and how long it's been since they've been changed.

That way, everyone will see just how bad things can get when people aren't paying attention.

A team member puts together the list, then brings it to fish and says, "Would you look this over before I post it?"

"Then she stood there, smiling, as I read through the list," fish says.

"You can probably already guess -- I was the worst transgressor, not having changed my password for over three years.

"I asked her to regenerate the list in five or so minutes."

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