Sounds like an automatic second interview to us!

It's years ago -- so far back that, at this pilot fish's company, PCs don't routinely come with sound cards, but just small speakers to let the PCs beep.

"I found a bit of code that allowed the PC speaker to play actual sound clips," says fish. "I distributed it to everyone in our IT department, along with some sound files to play.

"One of the most popular uses for this was email notifications -- you could assign custom sounds to different users so you knew who sent the message and whether you should stop what you're doing and look at the message."

One day fish's supervisor -- who's also a good friend -- suddenly storms into fish's cube, punches him in the arm and begins swearing at him.

"You knew I was interviewing," supervisor says. "You walked right past my office and then sent that email! I'm probably going to get fired for it!"

I didn't send you an email, baffled fish says. The only thing I've done like that this morning was to open an email you sent me--

Then fish realizes what probably happened. The supervisor's email must have been sent with a read receipt, and when fish opened it, the notification was triggered.

But still -- what was the big deal?

"He said he was in his office interviewing a woman of, let's say, generous size," fish says. "She'd just finished answering a question, and just then I happened to open the email and the read receipt was delivered. His PC notified him with a sound clip that said, 'I can just hear you getting fatter.'

"She just stared at him until he stammered the interview to a rapid end, put her on the elevator, then told our boss what happened. Needless to say, he didn't follow up with her."

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