Hey, a little showmanship never hurt anyone!

It's the early days of the laptop boom, and this future IT pilot fish's office is adjacent to those of several company executives.

"I was not particularly a geek, and this was long before I actually moved to an IT role myself," says fish. "But I was often called upon to assist those, shall we say, less technically-adept users.

"One day I heard my name being called from a nearby office. I walked in to find two higher-ups squinting at a laptop screen. One turned to say, 'I don't know what happened, but I can barely see my screen! Do you know what's wrong?'

"I instantly recognized the problem: She had accidentally bumped the monitor brightness adjustment wheel located on the edge of the laptop frame.

"They moved aside, and I reached out with both hands as if to embrace the laptop screen, smoothly sliding them down the edges while exclaiming, 'Heal!'

"The screen miraculously brightened, I spun on my heel and returned to my office, and the two slack-jawed bosses were left wondering what just happened."

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