Something needs adjusting, just not on the monitor

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IT pilot fish hits his 60th birthday and, once the party's over, begins to notice that he's having trouble reading his monitor.

"I tried brightness adjustment, bigger text and a new, bigger monitor," says fish. "I was mildly nearsighted, so I tried changing lens strength. Still not right -- and I was also having trouble with small print and seeing at dusk.

"I hadn't had an eye exam in too long, so I went. The doc did a lot of checking for all possible problems, but I'm sure he spotted the main problem right away.

"I had cataracts -- the clear lens in the eye goes cloudy. Mine had progressed so far that I was not legal to drive!

"They scheduled me for some simple surgery -- lots of eyewash, no real pain, a few minutes of the doc poking at the side of my vision.

"Now I can see better in dark corners and driving at night -- and I'm handing monitor work about twice as fast as I could this time last year."

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