Gee, why won't companies pay for training anymore?

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This company goes whole hog for Six Sigma, and that means training for everybody, reports an IT pilot fish on the scene.

"Everyone had to go through the two-hour introduction to Six Sigma," fish says. "Everyone in IT had to sit through the multi-day training sessions that could be used to pass the 'Green Belt' exam, and select people from most departments in the company also attended."

Unlike Six Sigma's Black Belts, Green Belts don't spend all their time on the process-improvement methodology -- they still have their other job responsibilities too. And most of fish's co-workers don't seem to think getting a Green Belt is worth the trouble.

But fish figures, why not? He makes sure to take the long, rather daunting online exam within a week of the training, so he won't forget what he's learned -- and he's got all his class materials at hand for the open-book test.

Once that's done, fish just has one requirement left to get his certification: completing a Six Sigma project.

And that turns out to be much more daunting than the exam. It takes months to find an appropriate project, get it approved, run through the various steps and complete the final product implementation.

By the time the project is done, it's been almost a year since Six Sigma arrived at the company.

"I also noticed that other folks I knew who achieved their Green Belt had already left the organization," says fish. "I even joked with my director during the official Green Belt certificate ceremony about the 'Green Belt Curse.'

"Little did I realize that I would be recruited out of the company less than a month later."

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