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IT pilot fish's wife telecommutes regularly and brings her laptop home every night, so he figures there shouldn't be a problem when a software upgrade is scheduled over a weekend.

"Her company's IT department instructed everyone with their computers at home to connect to the VPN on Sunday to receive the upgrade," says fish.

"Usually she takes over the kitchen table when telecommuting, but for this, putting the laptop in an out-of-the-way corner would be fine. I set it up and asked her to log in."

She tries typing in her password -- and it's not accepted.

You probably just miskeyed something, fish says. Try again.

"I don't know what my password is," she replies.

What do you mean?

"I just type it in. I don't think about it."

So you don't know your password?

"It might be a couple of things."

You do this twice a week from home.

"There isn't a keyboard connected to the laptop."


"I just type it on the keyboard, but there isn't one connected."

You can only enter your password on an external keyboard?


You're kidding.


Do you want me to go get the keyboard.

"No. You got me upset so it won't work anyway."

Sighs fish, "After a couple more grudging attempts, she finally got logged in. But it couldn't end until she got in a final parting shot about what an awful support tech I am and how she feels sorry for the people who contact me at work."

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