Pilot fish is the lead Unix admin for a big insurance company where one business unit's servers have the names of cartoon characters.

"The production servers were named after characters from the TV show The Simpsons: Homer, Marge, Lisa, Snowball, Apu, Flanders and so on," says fish. "There was no Bart -- no one wanted a troublemaker.

"Marge was the primary file server that hosted disks shared with the other servers using Network File System mounts. Homer was the primary transaction server and relied on files mounted from Marge.

"One day Marge crashed, causing processes on Homer to freeze. We rebooted Marge and Homer and restored service.

"I was in the elevator with my manager and our VP later that day. My manager asked what happened, and I replied, 'Marge went down, and Homer got hung.' Made total sense to us Unix techies.

"But it didn't sound so innocent to our VP. Two weeks later, an IT-wide memo was distributed specifying new mandatory server naming standards, to be applied first to the servers named after the Simpsons characters..."

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