Well, what else would you call it?

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Like most IT shops, the place where this pilot fish works tries to give names to servers and printers that make sense.

"We want the devices to have monikers that are about the department, usage or location," says fish. "We usually use a two-character department code, followed by an abbreviated usage or location.

"Our finance department has a printer that's used to print reports, checks and warrants on perforated tractor-feed paper. We named it FNCHECKS, as that is what it's often used for.

"Because it's an old piece of equipment -- and the preprinted forms are poor quality -- our print jobs are often stopped by paper jams and tears.

"We try alleviating the problem by adjusting tension and thickness feeds on the printer. But on particularly bad days, it just gets referred to as the 'effin' checks' printer."

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