Mingis on Tech: For the new iPhones, 'X' marks the spot

Apple on Tuesday unveiled its new smartphone line-up, with the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus available later this month. But the flagship iPhone X won't arrive until November.

Well, that was both enticing and disappointing – enticing because the upcoming iPhone X is just about everything the rumor mongers said it would be, disappointing because no one will get their hands on one until November.

In case you were under a rock Tuesday, Apple unveiled its iPhones as expected, rolled out the new Apple Watch Series 3, announced that iOS 11 will be available Sept. 19 and even threw in a 4K-capable Apple TV for good measure.

For Computerworld Executive Editor Ken Mingis, Senior Writer Lucas Mearian and freelance writer Michael deAgonia, it was a good day. Consider the iPhone X specifics:

Face recognition that can unlock the phone? Check.

Super Retina OLED display? Check.

Wireless charging? Finally.

Delivery as usual by the end of September? Yes for the also-new iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, nope for the iPhone X – the specific Apple device at least two of our tech trio craves. (Mingis is the one waving around a credit card in frustration in this episode.)

That said, this year's Apple event gave us plenty of tech fodder to chew on, including the fact that iOS devices are now a prominent part of the enterprise. As Mearian notes: while Windows hardware may still rock the corporate desktop, iOS devices – iPhones and iPads –  rule the roost in mobile.

At least the frustrating wait for the top-end iPhone allows for more time to save up money, an important consideration given that it starts at $999 ($1,149 for the top-top model, despite Mingis' hopes it would cost less).

(And there's always the new Apple TV to tide tech fans over for a few weeks.)

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