Down memory lane -- and into a ditch

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One of this pilot fish's most memorable users is a sales guy who has security issues using his PC -- mainly, locking himself out because he can't remember his password.

"In the past, he would repeatedly get locked out of his computer for entering wrong passwords," says fish. "I eventually changed his password to be his last name. Should be easy to remember, right?

"Not so. Sales guy calls and he's locked out of his computer. I unlock it and tell him to try again. Nope, he's locked out again.

"I reset it again and make a trip to his desk to make sure the Caps Lock isn't on. I get him logged in.

"A couple hours later he calls again. He's locked out again. I tell him again, 'Your password is your last name -- just enter it the same way as you spell it.'

"I stay on the phone with him and he gets locked out again. I unlock it again and spell out his last name for him to type in. This time it works.

"I still don't know what he was typing in..."

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