Well, at least they're honest about it!

This local government has had internal fights for years over web browsers -- mainly from users who want Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as an option, according to an IT pilot fish on the inside.

"Many software updates want to install Chrome, and many users have personal preferences for Firefox," fish says. "However, many of our apps require Internet Explorer and that has been our standard for many years.

"We've regularly gone through the headache of a user installing Chrome or Firefox and then complaining when their IE apps don't work -- the solution being to purge the rogue browser.

"Recently the discussion has been that IE and Edge are junky and freeze up a lot both here and at home on websites, and that an alternate browser may be worth allowing. The question is which one.

"I've recently been trying out Firefox to get a feel of how it will fill our needs and to see if the apps most used really don't work correctly with an alternate browser. One annoying thing is the regular stops I get with Firefox telling me that the owner of this or that site has configured their site improperly and their website is not secure. I then have to add an exception to the security settings to go to the site.

"Imagine my surprise when I went to Mozilla's support site and got a screen that read:

Your connection is not secure. The owner of support.mozilla.org has configured their website improperly. To protect your information from being stolen, Firefox has not connected to this website.

"Guess Firefox won't make the final list..."

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