6 iOS 11 iPad improvements in video

Watch Apple's six easy-to-follow video clips that show you how to get the best out of iOS 11 on your iPad.

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With iOS 11, Apple made a range of great changes for iPad users, and the company has produced six useful videos to guide you through using some of these. (You’ll find a range of other great improvements for enterprise users here). These have implications on enterprise and personal iPad users.

What hasn’t Apple told us about iOS 11?

It is interesting that Apple’s has decided to introduce this short collection of feature-focused videos because when the company announced the tablet improvements within iOS 11, it quietly promised even more. Speaking at the WWDC launch, Apple VP Greg Jozwiak stressed, "You haven't heard the full iOS 11 story yet as relates to iPad."

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Apple is publishing regular iOS 11 public betas for iPad users. At time of writing, these seem more stable than earlier betas, while development of the overall package continues. If Apple does plan any surprise additions on an iOS basis to iPad, it seems likely these will be first seen by developers on the more restricted developer beta scheme.

I suspect more improvements around Files, multitasking and third-party apps using new APIs included within iOS 11 for iPad may make these things even more effective computer replacements for some professional users. Better support via the built-in Safari browser for WordPress and a few more Adobe apps for iOS wouldn’t hurt.

We’ve also heard some speculation that Apple may help introduce a range of third-party Smart Connector devices, which may be useful for some users.

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ARKit secrets

One thing Apple hasn’t made a great deal of fuss about: Its much-anticipated ARKit features will work only on a fifth generation (2017) iPad, an iPad Pro, an iPhone SE and/or an iPhone 6s or later.

While iOS 11 will also work with iPhone 6, iPad mini, iPad air and iPod touch (6), ARKit will not function on those earlier models.

I guess Apple is hoping loyal owners of older devices will be inspired to upgrade to an ARKit-capable phone as it attempts to ignite a huge iPhone upgrade "super-cycle."

One big advantage Apple holds when it comes to its tablets is engagement. iPad users already make more use of their Apple tablet than they do other mobile platforms, according to data from Flipboard.

451 Research data cited by Apple during its most recent fiscal call claims business and consumer satisfaction rates ranging from 95 percent to 99 percent across iPad models.

We’ll find out if educating existing iPad users as to how to use the new iOS 11 features will make them fall for the platform all over again in the coming months, though sales climbed 15 percent in Q3 17 on the back of a slightly cheaper standard iPad model.

The iOS 11 iPad videos

Here are the six videos you can watch today:

1. How to use the new dock

2. How to use Files on iOS 11

3. How multitasking works

4. How to scan, sign and share documents

5. Use Markup with Apple Pencil

6. How to use drag & drop with iOS 11

I guess the next inevitable step will be for Apple to introduce how-to guides for its products using VR — useful when purchasing a second iOS device.

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