Now THAT'S what we call a proper test!

It's a few decades back, and this company has finally decided its disaster recovery plan needs a backup generator to keep the data center going if all power is lost, reports a pilot fish there.

"The solution was to have a generator, located in a separate building, that had a huge flywheel constantly turning," fish says. "This would turn over the generator enough so that if the power went out, the generator would just need to turn on the gas to start it running.

"Finally, the flywheel was up and spinning and everything was ready for a live test, which was scheduled for the upcoming weekend.

"Murphy, however, decided to step in. At a peak processing time during the week, a car crash took out the main power to the data center.

"Fortunately, everything worked as it was supposed to, and the end result was that even though the power was off for more than four hours, we only lost one transaction on the ATM network when everything blipped.

"The weekend test was canceled and it was determined to be a success."

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