12 Apple Watch tips for busy people

This short collection should help any busy enterprise professional — or any other Apple Watch user — get more done, faster.

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Susie Ochs

I’ve put together a few tips to help readers get more from their Apple Watch. This short collection should help any busy enterprise professional get more done, faster.

Where are you?

Meeting someone? Can’t find them? Begin a new Messages conversation with them (or use an existing one); open it on your Apple Watch, and tap and hold the heart icon. A set of four options should appear — select Send Location to help the person you need to meet find you.

What the taps in Maps mean

When you use Maps on your Apple Watch, the app gives you taps to assist with directions. This is what the taps mean:

  • Two rapid tap-taps in a succession of three is watchOS telling you to turn left.
  • Twelve taps means the opposite thing — just turn right.
  • Long vibration? You’ve arrived.

Power nap

The easiest way to grab a quick snooze and know you’ll be awoken without too much stress? Ask Siri to wake you in XX minutes or hours, and it will do so by gently tapping you on the wrist until you rise.

Time keeping

Trust me on this: Many people who have a problem getting to places on time will set their watch to run 10 minutes earlier to help them keep to schedule. It’s easy to set your Apple Watch to do this: tap Settings>Time, tap the +0 min section, and use the digital crown to select how much delay you need.

Quick calculate

You need an app for this. I like the recently upgraded EasyCalc app. This provides you with nice big buttons and a novel way to define the sum – touch. Just swipe up, down, right or left for multiply, divide, add or subtract. Or push and hold the screen for the equals button.

Flashy iPhone

You probably know that when you swipe up the control center on the Apple Watch, you can press the iPhone icon to make your iPhone ping to help you find it. Did you know that if you keep pressing the icon, you can make the iPhone’s torch light up as well?

Last used app?

Double tap the digital crown to open your last-used Apple Watch app.


Paying for parking is painful. Do yourself a favor, and make sure you have the internationally popular PayByPhone Parking app installed on your Apple Watch. It will save you hassle and time — particularly if you’re racing to get to that meeting on time. PS: We all hate parking charges.

Open any app

Don’t fuss about, just tap and hold the digital crown to invoke Siri and ask it to “Open [App Name]”.

What's the weather?

Ask Siri to “Open Weather”. The Weather app will open up. Tap and hold the default weather conditions screen, and you will get three choices: Conditions, Rain, Temperature. Now you can explore predicted weather conditions, precipitation and temperature in each of those categories using a watch-like circular interface.

Connected concierge

It’s a nightmare when you’re using public transit, moving between meetings, or just not able to talk at the time the essential call comes in. Did you know you can use your Apple Watch to send the call direct to answer machine with a single tap on the side button? Or with one turn on the Digital Crown, you’ll find an Answer on iPhone button that transfers the call to your iPhone?

Call receive

Can’t take the call? Just move your palm to cover the Watch for three seconds. (You may need to enable this using the Watch app on your iPhone in Sound & Haptics > toggle Cover to Mute to on (green).

I do hope these little tips help you get things done.

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