Simple misunderstanding

This software developer pilot fish is a lot older than most of his co-workers, and since the 1980s he's gone from PC tech to network admin to programmer and picked up a masters degree and a pile of certifications along the way.

"But I recently got a new boss who was incapable of disguising the fact that she thought I was incompetent due to my age," says fish. "She would say things like 'These days we do things differently...'

"A few weeks back she took me to task on my programming style. She said my programming lacked creativity and I was not documenting my code well, and showed me an example she had pulled from one of our systems."

Fish points out that what she's looking at is proof-of-concept code, and that he generally fleshes out ideas and, once he has a working system, goes back to tighten the code and document it.

Boss gives him a condescending look and pulls up some code from one of fish's younger colleagues -- one of her favorites, fish knows. She remarks on the younger guy's coding skill, and points out how well it flows and follows a logical path.

Wait a moment, please, fish says, and calls over the colleague. He points out the code and asks, "Would you mind telling our manager where you got that?"

Colleague replies, "Sure -- that's your module. I asked to use it in my application."

Boss turns red, and hisses, "Sharing code is not a good business practice!" before she quickly leaves.

Reports fish, "My colleague asked, 'What was that about?' I said, 'Just a misunderstanding.'

"Not long after that, our boss announced she was leaving for a 'better company with better pay.'"

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