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Desktop support pilot fish gets a week's notice from this manager: Several of her employees will be changing desks, and they'll need to be set up in their new spots overnight.

"The night before the move, the manager lets her selected few employees know to gather all their belongings because they won't be at the same desk in the morning," says fish.

"I arrive at work early to start the desk relocation process, and get all the employees' computer equipment moved to their new location before they arrive for the day. I also verify that all PCs, monitors and phones function correctly.

"Manager calls me up and says that one employee's computer isn't working, or even turning on. I go right up to check on it.

"As I arrive, the employee is clicking the mouse and staring into the monitors. She looks as me a little confused and says, 'My computer is not working.'

"I stare at her in disbelief and look down at the desk, where six cables are just laying where her old PC used to be plugged in. She clearly sees the cables in front of her but doesn't know what they're for.

"I gently advise her that she has been moved to her new location and there is no PC plugged into that desk. I walk her over to her new desk, and she sits down and logs into her PC successfully.

"Then I quickly walk away, duck into the stairwell and laugh so hard! Seriously, is clicking the mouse the magic trick to wake up a computer that isn't there?"

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