Size matters

It's time to upgrade the older computers at this mid-tier law firm, and after much discussion and research, an IT pilot fish's team has decided to go with what used to be called a bookshelf PC.

"I was very happy with the choice," says fish. "The new slim tower would help many users clear up desk space. It came with 8GB of memory and a speedy solid-state drive. And the case was only about seven inches square and an inch and a half thick.

"We purchased ten units to test and begin the rollout. But when we confronted the big boss with our purchase choice, he was much less pleased than we thought.

"He looked at the slick machine like it was criminal. I felt the mood change, and decided to ask him directly what he thought of our choice.

"He frowned and said, 'Look at the size of that thing. Now where am I going to place my monitor?'

"We struggled to not laugh, but he was dead serious and demanded a solution.

"Someone got him a ream of paper, and the crisis was averted.

"Two days later, I struggled to contain myself when I noticed he had the tower laying on its side and was now using it as a coaster for his coffee."

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