2017 Regional IT Jobs Reports

2017 IT jobs report: Northeast region

The job market for IT workers in the Northeast continues to be red hot in 2017, with high salaries to match high demand.

This IT jobs report covers Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. (Also see our reports for the Pacific, Mountain, North Central, South Central and Southeast regions.)

Job market snapshot

Competition for IT talent is fierce throughout the Northeast region. In the Boston area, technology workers have their pick of job openings across numerous industries, from financial services and biotech to academia and big pharma. Tech pros can also find jobs at the plethora of software firms, internet companies and high-tech enterprises with large workforces in the area, including Amazon, Facebook, Google and General Electric.

“The job market is active. Demand is very high, and the supply is much less than the demand,” says Rob Byron, a partner and manager of the IT search division at Waltham, Mass.-based employment agency WinterWyman. Byron said the local unemployment rate for tech workers is less than 2%. “You don’t have to be a superstar to find good employment. If you’re qualified, you’re going to work,” he adds.

It’s a scenario repeated throughout the region’s urban areas, according to recruiters. Matthew Walden, a partner and regional director of the New York City office for nationwide staffing firm Infinity Consulting Solutions (ICS), says competition for IT talent is fierce.

“People are fighting for the right talent, and they’re paying anything for the right talent,” he says. Candidates have multiple offers, so companies looking to hire need to move fast when they identify strong candidates — particularly for specialized tech jobs such as those in automation, big data and security.

Walden says companies across the board — from financial firms to media outlets — in the New York-New Jersey-Connecticut area are hiring IT workers. Moreover, he says, they’re now competing with tech companies, both homegrown companies as well as Silicon Valley giants that have opened up shops locally.

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