Tech Talk: Azure Stack, cyberattacks, the next iPhone and ... keyboards

Our panel digs into Microsoft's new Azure Stack, looks at why cyberattacks never seem to end, chews over the fate of Apple's Touch ID and debates whether QWERTY keyboards are tech relics.

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The premiere episode of Tech Talk covered a lot of ground as our four-member panel  weighed in on everything from Microsoft's just-announced Azure Stack to the trials of IT security pros buffeted by ongoing cyberattacks to the fate of Touch ID in the upcoming iPhone 8.

Oh, and we also debated whether multi-touch, hand gestures and voice-activated commands should replace keyboards as the way most people interact with computers, phones and other tech hardware.

This episode's panel: Network World's Brandon Butler, CSO's Fahmida Rashid, Macworld's Mike Simon and Computerworld's Ken Mingis.

If you want skip around among the topics we cover:

  • The recent announcement by Microsoft about Azure Stack comes under scrutiny first.
  • At the 11-minute-mark, we move on to what's going on (and going wrong) with cybersecurity efforts.
  • At the 23:10 mark, it's time to talk about the iPhone and Touch ID.
  • And finally, at the 34:19 mark, check out our discussion about how tech users too often cling to long-outdated tools.

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