To be fair, he DID get it in 20

This telecom company rebrands just after Y2K and gets a few leadership changes -- and all the new bosses are friends of the new CEO and not very technical, reports an IT pilot fish working there.

"My new boss was in charge of running all of the data centers and infrastructure operations," fish says. "He was a nice guy, but added very little value to a highly technical company.

"At one of our first meetings with him, we were reviewing the final approval to purchase a new storage area network, and he was shocked at the cost of the new storage hardware. So during the meeting, he decided to show his true level of technical experience."

After fish's team discusses the configuration and pricing options, the new boss stands up and asks, "Why do we need this SAN in the first place? In the IT storage area we have boxes of unused floppy disks. Why can't we use them in place of a new SAN?"

Senior engineer promptly stands up and goes to the whiteboard, where he begins to sketch out how that approach would have to be configured, and calculates the number of floppy drives and disks it would take to replace the new SAN storage.

The engineer even figures in disk failure rates, and starts to calculate the space and power requirements for the 14,000-plus floppy drives necessary to match the SAN's capacity -- all with a straight face.

About 20 minutes into the engineer's presentation, with all the other engineers in the room doing their best to stifle their laughter, the new boss finally realizes the rabbit hole that the engineer is heading down and stops the presentation.

"He left the room and approved the purchase of the new SAN," says fish. "After a few months, he voluntarily left the company.

"His replacement was another friend of the CEO. I left soon after, along with most of my department."

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