Flash Player updated just 3 days after an update

On June 13th, Adobe updated their Flash Player to fix a number of critical security flaws. Then, just three days later, another fix.

The new fix seems relatively trivial. On the 16th, the company said "we've updated Flash Player to address a bug that was impacting some Flash content. If you are having problems interacting with mouse button presses or drag and drop actions, we recommend you update to today's release."

The latest version is now, except, of course, with Microsoft's browsers.

The version used by the Edge browser was not updated and it remains at The situation with Internet Explorer is so poorly explained, I can't even guess.

According to Adobe, "Internet Explorer - ActiveX" should be using the new version while "Internet Explorer (embedded - Windows 8.1) - ActiveX" should be using the older version Someone at Adobe likes puzzles.

Chrome on Windows should be using the latest version, but I have found that the browser frequently reports itself as being up to date, even when the Flash Player is not. To force Chrome to update Flash, see my blog from February: How to immediately update Flash in Chrome.

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