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Company CEO needs a new all-in-one printer for his home office, and this consultant pilot fish gets the assignment.

That should be simple enough, right? "I bought a top-of-the-line inkjet plus cartridges from a very, very large printer manufacturer," says fish.

"I set it up and turned it on -- and there was an error on the front panel, and the printer wouldn't come ready.

"I called up tech support and described the issue. Tech looked up the error and said, 'You need a new front panel.'

"I said no, there is no logic on the panel, it's just a cosmetic piece.

"He said, 'OK, I'll ship a replacement overnight.'

"I asked, you're shipping a new printer, right?

"He said, 'Yes, a new printer.'

"They sent me the FedEx tracking number and shipping info, and I noticed the weight of the shipment: one pound.

"Got the package the next day. Sure enough, it was just the cosmetic front panel.

"Called tech support and let my feelings be known about how I was flat-out lied to. I got a supervisor, and he promised a new printer would be shipped overnight.

"Except it was the weekend, so it showed up on Tuesday. I unpacked the new printer and plugged it in. It was DOA.

"Called them up, told them to cancel the order and returned everything. I haven't bought anything from that vendor in the 10 years since, and unless specifically instructed, I'll never buy from them again."

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