Now THAT'S what we call a rounding error!

The company's new time-clock system goes live, and this IT pilot fish has finally figured out exactly how it works -- and is not happy.

"We were originally told the managers would adjust our clock in/out times if we deviated from our schedule," says fish. "Oh, how I wish that was now the case.

"The way the system works is that your clock in/out time is rounded from seven minutes before or after your scheduled time to arrive or leave. Say I clock out at 4:37 p.m. -- it's rounded to 4:30.

"However, if I clock out at 4:38, then I register as getting eight minutes of comp time. Only we're not allowed to earn comp time, so before the end of the pay period I have to clock out eight minutes early. If I happen to clock out nine minutes early, then I'm one minute under time and have to use leave to make up for it.

"Or I can clock out late. But with the rounding I have to clock out nine minutes or more late, and then I have to clock in or out eight minutes early to offset clocking out late to offset clocking out too early to offset clocking out late.

"Why did they decide against having the managers adjust our times? It's too much work. It seems it takes the managers about an hour to process each person's timesheet.

"So now I sit at my desk with my feet up and play games on my phone until start time. It's the first time in my almost 35 years of working that I've ever done that. I do make it a point to be gone at exactly 4:23 each day."

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