Not the kind of job security we were looking for

Linux admin pilot fish at a manufacturer discovers he has been "volunteered" to deal with an open-way-too-long trouble ticket for a Linux workstation.

"Now, a few years back, this place outsourced all the workstation support, both Windows and Linux," says fish. "But this ticket was opened about two months ago. Either the outsourcing company misunderstood, or the tech isn't up to snuff.

"The problem was easy -- took about 30 seconds to fix, it was so simple. The time-consuming part was convincing the end-user that I came to help.

"Later I was talking with a co-worker about something else, and I casually mentioned that the outsourcing people weren't doing their job.

"He said, 'That's a good thing. You should be glad they're not doing their job -- you have something to do besides servers. That's job security!"

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