Just one more reason to love Mondays

It's first thing Monday morning when this bank suddenly discovers it's not receiving some mission-critical data on its primary data feed, reports a pilot fish on the scene.

"Many hours of research and emergency conference calls with the vendor revealed that, first, the bank had something set up wrong and, second, the vendor change that would have revealed the problem had been scheduled to happen three years earlier -- with proper warning to the bank," fish says.

"But that never happened -- not until this weekend, when the vendor's IT team in the Far East decided on their own that it would be a good time to finally implement the change ordered and scheduled three years earlier.

"Before that was identified as the problem, the vendor tried to blame it on somebody who had been out on maternity leave for months. Someone there figured she was an easy, safe target. When the truth came out, they were a wee bit embarrassed!

"Then again, we couldn't figure out who at the bank had not bothered to fix our end of the problem three years ago when they were aware of the issue..."

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