How to make Android a real part of your business

Android smartphone and tablets can now safely join iPhones and iPads in your mobile portfolio

How to make Android a real part of your business
JordiMorello via Pixabay; via Flickr (signage)

Over the past five years, iPhones and iPads have become the corporate mobile standards, thanks to their wealth of business apps, Exchange compatibility, corporate manageability, and strong security. Android devices, on the other hand, have largely been relegated to "OK for email" status.

But there's no longer a reason to keep Android at arm's length. It can now be as integral to your mobile portfolio as Apple's iOS devices are. Sure, Apple devices still lead in business-class apps, manageability, and security, but not by enough to exclude Android from full access at most companies.

With that in mind, InfoWorld has put together this guide on how to deploy Android, both for company-issued devices and BYOD scenarios; most companies likely have a mix of both approaches.

The Android devices you should support

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