Sounds pretty peccable to us...

IT manager pilot fish for this local California government knows that the person who usually handles IT department calls has been mostly out of the office, so he decides to check the contents of the departmental voicemail.

"She's been dealing with the aftermath of a fire at her parents' home, and has been frazzled and in and out," fish explains.

"On the voicemail I found a dozen messages from the same woman. She was calling the former CIO, who's been gone six years, and also left a couple voicemails for the current CIO and one for the IT manager -- me."

All the messages follow the same pattern: They come in at about 6 a.m. and make reference to a renewal for SAP maintenance that, she says, "expired" a few months earlier. According to each call, an email was sent with the renewal request, and the caller wants a return call with the status of the renewal process.

Not long after that, fish receives an email that's been forwarded from the purchasing department. It's from the same woman -- and this time she has emailed the government's generic Purchasing address with the renewal email sent months before and the invoice attached.

Since the CIO is cc'ed on the message from Purchasing, fish gives her a call -- and she's as baffled as he is.

"Neither of us has heard of the organization the caller represents," says fish. "It isn't in our Purchasing system, so we've never done business with them.

"We did once use the product mentioned, but our support with SAP expired two years ago and we told a 'retention specialist' to take a hike when he claimed we couldn't leave our one-year maintenance agreement that had expired and that we owed him money."

So fish starts looking into the email message, the company and the LinkedIn accounts of both the woman who left the phone messages and the man who emailed the invoice months before.

That clears up one mystery: Turns out the invoice was originally sent to an executive who's been gone a year, and who had nothing to do with software. And the guy who sent the invoice is long gone from the SAP partner.

The woman making all the phone calls? She's currently with the SAP partner, and fish finds her LinkedIn profile, which summarizes her career experience: "I have always achieved my targets, with a proven track record of increasing sales. I consider my strongest points to be my impeccable and hostile phone manners."

"'Impeccable and hostile phone manners,' huh?" fish says. "I'll be very curious what those conversations are like when she gets one of us on the phone."

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