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IT support pilot fish who works for a public library system gets a work order from one of the branches: One of the PCs that's available for public use is making a beeping sound.

"Trying to troubleshoot the device, I asked the onsite staff to be sure that there wasn't something on the keyboard that might be pushing down a key," says fish.

"I had them clean the keyboard. I asked if there was a pattern to the beeping. Just random beeping, they said.

"They were getting ready to open the library and told me the beeping was 'kind of loud,' and asked if there was any way I could come out and fix it soon. I told them them to just unplug the PC because I wouldn't make it out for a few days, and that way at least it wouldn't bother anyone.

"I got an email a few minutes later: Never mind, sorry to bother you. We don't need service. When we unplugged the computer, the beeping was still there. We investigated further and found a library patron had left their cell phone plugged into the wall for a charge and the alarm was going off!

"I wonder if the patron was late to work that day..."

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