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This IT pilot fish's seat is just on the other side of a cubicle partition from a co-worker who's really annoying -- and not just to fish.

"He had 30 lunch trays stacked up in his flipper cabinet," fish fumes, "and 20 sets of salt-and-pepper shakers and dozens of forks, knives and spoons he had taken from the cafeteria and never bothered to return. He also had about two cases' worth of empty Mountain Dew bottles he apparently couldn't bring himself to recycle.

"One day, for no apparent reason, he decided to disconnect the 10Base2 network connector from the back of his PC. Now, the right way to disconnect it is to remove the BNC T-connector from the PC's network card.

"Instead, he disconnected the two cables along the T, coming to and leading away from his machine. This caused all the PCs downstream from his to abruptly lose network connection.

"I heard 26 groans coming from everybody to my left, from me on down.

"He eventually took off too many sick days to take his sickly cat to the vet, and finally they let him go -- much to our collective happiness. He was not missed."

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